Infertility Counseling and Consultations 


Infertility counseling 

Going through infertility treatment is stressful, anxiety provoking, and isolating. The diagnosis of infertility can be devastating for a couple who desire to build a family. Going through infertility treatments has a huge impact on marriage often taking a tall on intimacy and closeness. You might feel anxious, guilty, experience loss of control, and deep sense of disappointment. Psychotherapy can help you and partner come closer and embrace the unknown, embracing the uncertainty with courage and mutual support. Learning useful coping skills can help you cope with stress . Warm, accepting, non-judgmental supporting space where you can express any feelings and emotions will relieve stress and help you accept the fact that parenthood for you may end up looking different than you originally thought.



We will explore your family building options and your comfort level with each of them. As a member of American Society for Reproductive Medicine I will provide you with information needed to make an informed decision in line with your and your partner's values. 


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